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Luxury Bundle

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Give the gift of luxury this holiday season with Baked Bazaar’s limited edition luxury cosset bundle. It includes the CBD frost topical cream, the 750mg full spectrum hemp oil tincture and a free 250mg hemp oil tincture! With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and holiday decorating, allow yourself to experience the strength of fast-acting hemp-infused cooling relief for your muscles, joints and nerves. This cream will get you through all the rigors of holiday decorating and parties. This topical is so soothing and it’s made from full spectrum hemp extract with more than 250mg of cannabinoids plus terpenes. Cossets 750mg high potency tincture allows you to take the stress out of visiting family this holiday season. Take a dropper-full first thing in the morning and rest assured the family gathering will flow a whole lot smoother. Also, with its sleek, almost crush proof packaging, it allows you to bring your bottle without worrying about leaks, breaks or spills. So live life luxuriously and give this a try.

What's Included?
- One (1) 750mg tincture
- One (1) 250mg tincture - FREE bonus!
- One (1) CBD Frost cream

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