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Kanaice brings the world's best whole-fruit cbd infused popsicles to life! These amazing, delicious popsicles don't just taste like fruit, they actually are made from real whole fruit, packed with 10 to 40mg of cbd in each popsicle. With less than 3g of sugar per popsicle, what's better than this guilt-free treat? Kanaice popsicles come in 7 amazing flavors that are sure to be an instant instagram hit with your friends and followers!

Currently available flavors:
  • Berry Mojito: Alcohol-Free Mojito + Berries | 10mg of CBD
  • Dragon Punch: Dragonfruit + Kiwi | 40mg of CBD
  • Feel D' Passion: Passionfruit | 20mg of CBD
  • Kocoberry: Coconut + Raspberry | 40mg of CBD
  • Magnus Mango: Mango | 20mg of CBD
  • Puro Kiwi: Kiwi | 10mg of CBD

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