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After feeling discouraged and misled by “big pharma”, we simultaneously started looking for a better way, A NATURAL WAY. As we continued our own research, we quickly realized that not only have we had the answers all along in our roots, but that the alternative paths discovered were fostering a sense of relief from cancer related symptoms as well as, supporting to emotional and mental well-being.

After doing extensive studies for solutions, one of the many offerings from earth we kept coming across was cannabidiol (CBD). We decided to truly investigate and further research cannabidiol (CBD)- how it’s extracted from cannabis, to gathering an intimate understanding of the MANY compounds in cannabis, to learning how it naturally interacts with our body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS). (We had no idea our bodies already had cannabinoids)! 

We have made a commitment to not only break the stigma associated with CBD, but to provide CLEAN broad spectrum CBD that can legally be sold in all 50 states, that has 0% THC BUT the several terpenes sourced back into it that isolate doesn’t offer. We are also committed to provide products and education surrounding several plant medicine remedies. We have chosen to be transparent about HOW we source our herbs and educate on the “why” it can make a difference in anyone’s day to day life. 

Very simply, we choose to state facts backed by science and rooted in nature. Through our journey, we started to attract like-minded individuals that had similar stories and now, more than ever, we feel empowered to abundantly share the message!
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