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ZenPup’s GOODIES - CALM & SOOTHE will have your pup's tail wagging from the second the jar is opened. With its sensational aroma of warm baked goodness, your pup will be jumping for more! ZenPup’s Goodies are handcrafted in small batches by an artisanal chef. Made only using human grade, high quality ingredients sourced from local farms in Northern California - these treats are the very definition of farm to jar. Each treat contains 5mg of broad-spectrum hemp derived cannabidiol plus a special blend of natural, plant-based ingredients may alleviate anxiety & promote relaxation in any stressful situation.

Organic whole-grain oat flour, peanuts, organic pumpkin puree, organic pasture-raised pork skin, organic pasture-raised eggs, organic pasture-raised pork fat, organic honey, broad spectrum hemp oil blend extract

  • Chamomile, Passion Flower & Ginger: calming herbs that have been shown to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety in dogs. Can also be used to calm nervous or hyperactive dogs.
  • Thiamine: helps encourage balanced behavior for hyperactive & aggressive dogs
  • Tryptophan: an amino acid that helps calm anxious & easily agitated dogs
  • Magnesium Citrate: helps induce calmness, relaxation & relief
  • Valerian Root: helps ease tense and hypersensitive behaviors

Recommended Dosage:
  • Dogs under 10lbs: 1 treat daily (5 mg broad-spectrum CBD)
  • 10-25lbs: 2 treats daily (10 mg broad-spectrum CBD)
  • 26-50lbs: 3 treats daily (15 mg broad-spectrum CBD)
  • Over 50lbs: 4 treats daily (25 mg broad-spectrum CBD)

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